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20 Jul, 2017 by Ben Potter
Testing is underway at Purdue University on a “human-computer collaborative decision-making system.” More simply put – Purdue researchers want to make it easier to make otherwise more complex irrigation decisions. “We’re trying to help growers get…
19 Jul, 2017 by Guest Author
The following insights and opinions are from Pete Nelson, president and executive director for the Memphis-based AgLaunch Initiative.   As you have been reading in farm magazines or heard at conferences over the last couple of years, there is an…
18 Jul, 2017 by Ben Potter
Handling grain can be a risky business. According to Nationwide, workers compensation claims from grain elevators has doubled in the past seven years. Meantime, far too many workers are trained on outdated VHS tapes. But now – there’s an app for…
18 Jul, 2017 by AgWeb
From The Packer editorial board: The produce industry’s labor problem is no longer one of access to more workers. It’s becoming clear that some produce jobs have no takers, at least in order to run a profitable and sustainable farm. Regardless of…
11 Jul, 2017 by Guest Author
  By Shen Lu, Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University This story is published through a partnership between Farm Journal and the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. The Durdan Farm of Streator, Illinois, is…