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25 Sep, 2017 by Chris Bennett
If death by hammer blow is the best way to kill weed seed at harvest, then make way for the Seed Terminator (ST). The ST grabs chaff leaving a combine’s cleaning shoe and pulverizes the weed seed through Multistage Hammer Mill technology. The…
25 Sep, 2017 by Margy Eckelkamp
Cloud-based, shared and transparent record keeping improves transparency and traceability throughout food system. Know what blockchains are? No, you don’t put them on tires to improve traction, or use them to pull your truck out of the mud.…
25 Sep, 2017 by Anna-Lisa Laca
In February, Land O’Lakes launched a crowdsourced competition to surface user-friendly drone solutions to help farmers make better decisions. According to Land O’Lakes, more than 157 innovators from 47 countries entered the competition called Land O…
25 Sep, 2017 by Katie Humphreys
It can be a challenge to keep up with the latest technology and how it might fit on your farm—which is exactly why Farm Journal is hosting the AgTech Expo. Whether you’re a novice, an early adopter or somewhere in between, you’ll have the…
19 Sep, 2017 by AgPro
University News Release Investors and executives in the agricultural industry are getting a first look at TerraSentia, a new-to-the-market agricultural robot that autonomously measures crop traits, developed at the University of Illinois.…