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15 Aug, 2017 by Steve Cubbage
It’s been a little bit like watching a train wreck in real time. Only lately, somebody pressed the fast-forward button. The train wreck in reference is what will probably go down in agriculture’s history as the “Dicamba Disaster of 2017.” It’s not…
15 Aug, 2017 by Sonja Begemann
Today DuPont announced it will buy Granular Inc. software company for $300 million. This agreement will solidify the company’s investment in the ag tech space and is expected to close at the end of the third quarter. The acquisition gives DuPont…
15 Aug, 2017 by Chris Walljasper
4-H and Google have announced a new program to bring computer education and problem solving skills to more than 100,000 members across the country. Announced today at the Illinois State Fair, the initiative will bring new computers, curriculum and…
15 Aug, 2017 by Rhonda Brooks
If you believe that only large-acre farmers will use precision technology services, then you could miss out on significant sales and service opportunities with smaller operators. That’s been the experience for the Southern States agronomic team in…
08 Aug, 2017 by Margy Eckelkamp
Senet, a provider of global connectivity and network management for the Internet of Things, and Sensoterra BV, a provider of low-cost, wireless soil moisture measurement sensors have a multi-year partnership to operate Sensoterra’s soil moisture…