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12 Jun, 2018 by Margy Eckelkamp
The four new features are: Image overlay view Downloads of GeoTIFF files Field boundaries visible in app Flight schedule information Users can take two different type files and look at the same spot in a field on two different dates with the new…
12 Jun, 2018 by Chris Bennett
Which technology is left on the table by many farmers, yet consistently saves dollars on fuel, labor, wear-and-tear, pickup mileage, time, and thousands of gallons of water? The open secret of soil moisture sensors. In an age of anemic crop prices…
12 Jun, 2018 by Taylor Leach
Focusing on performance, ride quality and small grain harvesting efficiency, John Deere has released new updates for its S-Series combines. These improvements include a new suspension track system, flex draper header and harvest-specific…
05 Jun, 2018 by Anna-Lisa Laca
Despite the fact that the average farmer only milks three cows, dairy is India’s No. 1 economic driver and an industry that is gaining new tech tools almost weekly. The dairy industry in India is starved for new technology to help organize…
05 Jun, 2018 by AgPro
University News Release Using a new algorithm, University of Illinois researchers may have found the solution to an age-old dilemma plaguing satellite imagery – whether to sacrifice high spatial resolution in the interest of generating images more…