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13 Mar, 2018 by Chris Bennett
Want to peek behind the curtain at tomorrow’s hottest farming technology? Look no further than agriculture’s shark tank. Pedal to the floor and tires smoking, AgLaunch provided a lively shark tank-type forum for 15 vanguard technologies covering…
13 Mar, 2018 by Jim Dickrell
It should come as no surprise that cows are cows, and no matter how they’re milked, the same rules governing cleanliness and hygiene apply. That lesson was brought home last month at the National Mastitis Council, where Don Anderson, with Quality…
12 Mar, 2018 by AgWeb
New technology directly distinguishes nitrogen issues with greater discrimination than current remote sensing techniques. Developed by the University of Minnesota (UM), Sentera has licensed the technology for UAV use. UM’s technology detects…
06 Mar, 2018 by Margy Eckelkamp
Online purchases of crop inputs have attracted renewed interest. Although many consumer segments have been disrupted by technology offerings in the past decade—Netflix versus Blockbuster to name one—consultant Steve Watts points out the first wave…
06 Mar, 2018 by AgWeb
By National Pork Board Science, technology and global health author and journalist Michael Specter opened the annual pork industry forum today, offering his insights on gene editing to the more than 350 pig farmers and pork industry professionals…