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22 Jan, 2019 by Jim Dickrell
Lely North American announced today that it is expanding its North American Operations by securing a larger property to build a bigger assembly plant and headquarters in Pella, Iowa. Currently, the Lely facility shares a campus with Vermeer…
22 Jan, 2019 by Chris Bennett
One touch from old sparky and the current brings down the curtain—death by electricity. Could electricides serve farmers as a weed killer? “Electricity is the most viable source of weed-control energy,” says grower Kevin Olson. “I don’t believe…
15 Jan, 2019 by Anna-Lisa Laca
Imagine this. An email pings in your inbox. Your bank is offering you a refund. You click the link without hesitation. A website that looks similar to the bank’s pops up. Next thing you know, all of the files in your network are encrypted and locked…
15 Jan, 2019 by Margy Eckelkamp
Fifteen grams of soil can profile a microbiome profile using DNA sequencing for better crop decisions. Think of it as a genetic test just like the check swab of 23 and Me and other DNA kits but for your soil. Launched 3.5 years ago and with most of…
15 Jan, 2019 by Sonja Begemann
This week Raven Industries of Sioux Falls closed on AgSync, Inc., formerly headquartered in Wakarusa, Ind. The company says this acquisition will help Raven greatly enhance its Slingshot platform by delivering a logistics solution for retailers,…