3 Things To Know About the TerraGator C Series From AGCO

Posted by Margy Eckelkamp on Tue, 08/28/2018 - 17:52

AGCO’s Challenger brand has introduced four new machines in the TerraGator C Series—three three-wheeled models (TG7300C , TG8300C and TG9300C) and one four-wheeled model (TG8400C). As Craig Miller, product specialist explains, the changes to the new machines were all at the requests and feedback received from operators.

Watch the video as Miller explains the three highlights of the new TerraGator C Series:

The new high-flotation nutrient applicators can be outfitted with multiple options for dry and liquid applications, which includes a redesigned spray system. The new spray system features a redesigned reload station with more centrally located tasks during the reload process including a relocated fresh water tank, streamlined plumbing and the auto-agitation feature carried over from the RoGator. The refill station also has an eductor that is 50% larger for faster loading.

The boom system has seven boom sections to provide more precision and reduce overlap and has been redesigned to be tougher with a wider inner-boom cross section, larger boom pins, enhanced mid-boom fold and wing tip breakaway. Boom setups include: 80’ and 60’/80’ fold-over options to cover 82.5’ at 30” nozzle spacing and 85’ with 60” nozzle spacing.

For dry application, six systems are available as options. Switching systems on the chassis has been simplified as the electrical connections have been relocated to a central spot on the side of the chassis.

  • New Leader NL4500 (available MultApplier-ready or MultApplier-complete to apply one, two or four products)
  • New Leader NL5000 (available MultApplier-ready or MultApplier-complete to apply one, two or four products)
  • AGCO AirMax Precision (single-bin system that features 70’ booms with triple-overlap coverage)
  • AGCO AirMax Precision 2 (available granular bin will apply two or three products at once and can vary application rates on the go)
  • AGCO Soilection Twin Bin (an open, free-flowing two-bin system with a unique distributor head for more consistent application)
  • AGCO Soilection Four Bin (accurately blends fertilizers, nutrients and chemicals on the go to variably apply multiple products in a single pass)

Powered by AGCO Power engines, the machines are specifically designed for off-road use and reliability. Working in conjunction the engine and the CVT perform with the Challenger Tractor Management system, so the operator chooses a speed—not a gear—from creep to 46 mph. This provides for consistent field speed and precise application. According to AGCO, the new engine and transmission leads to 8% more fuel efficiency than previous models.

Another user feature carried over from the RoGator C series is the touch-screen AccuTerminal in the cab. And for rate and section control, the TerraGator C series is paired with the Raven Viper 4+ technology, which can be integrated with Raven steering and data transfer.