Acceleration of AgTech Creates Exciting Frontier

Posted by Sara Schafer on Fri, 07/06/2018 - 10:59

What will your farm look like in the future? How much technology will infiltrate your daily tasks? While it may be hard to picture a farm version of “The Jetsons,” one thing is for sure—agtech investments are increasing and becoming more mainstream.

“It’s such a fun time to be in this space,” says Bruce Sherrick, a University of Illinois professor of agricultural and applied finance. “The ag tech investments that have been going on are just phenomenal.”

Everything from genetic improvement to on-farm robotics to farm management software to remote cameras are finding uses on the farm.

“If you look historically at the big epic changes of productivity in agriculture, folks will point toward mechanization, fertilizer and genetic improvements,” Sherrick says. “The next wave to me is information improvements.”

This will include remote access to production data, easier tracking of management data and by-the-minute weather information.

“Ag tech is impacting every part of the farm and our ability to make decisions,” Sherrick says. “I don’t see these technologies decelerating at all.”

For farmers to full capitalize on this information wave, Sherrick says, they need to be willing to change the norm on their farm. Be open to new innovations and embrace the advantages technology provides.