AgPro Podcast: Demonstrating Technology With On-Farm Trials

Posted by Ashley Davenport on Tue, 03/12/2019 - 14:30

On the AgPro Podcast with Ashley Davenport, voices from the industry asked, “What is your perspective on connecting agronomic decisions with technology using precision ag?”

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Mark Bauer
Great Bend, Kan.

Precision Ag Specialist, Great Bend Co-op

A: It’s been a learning experience for some of our guys because they haven’t been around any precision tools. We’re realizing some of the things we can do with technology. Pushing growers to do more on-farm trials has been a big thing for me personally. I’m trying to break that mold of doing what we’ve always done and getting some trials out, letting guys see whether it’s a technology-type of too or a product, trying something on the farm and doing a side-by-side comparison and seeing how that can affect their bottom line. Maybe that’s something to integrate on the farm.


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