Blue River See & Spray Tech Reduces Herbicide Use By 90%

Posted by Margy Eckelkamp on Tue, 02/06/2018 - 14:42

Jeremy Hawkins with Blue River Technology explains the company’s See & Spray Technology uses artificial intelligence to identify and spray individual plants in milliseconds.

“It’s a new era in agriculture. We’ve had advances in mechanical, chemical and trait fields, and now intelligent machines are here,” Hawkins says.  

There are three core elements needs for smart machines: Sense & Decide, Act, and Verify & Learn.

In the above illustration you can see the Sense & Decide phase. Blue River’s artificial intelligence identifies subtle differences between crops (green) and weeds (red). Also above, you’ll see Act, in which only weeds are sprayed. The platform leads to a 90% reduction in herbicide use. Additionally, there are

In addition to the application reduction, it also minimizes off-target drift. The volume/acre is reduced, and larger droplet sizes can be used. See & Spray can help prevent herbicide resistance with rotating herbicides modes of action, applying appropriate rates for maximum efficacy, and mapping weeds by species, size, etc.

In September 2017, John Deere announced it will invest $305 million to fully acquire Blue River Technology, which is based in Sunnyvale, California.