GSI's New Monitoring System Is Like An MRI For Grain Bins

Posted by Margy Eckelkamp on Tue, 01/08/2019 - 12:56

GSI GrainVizWith a planned launch in 2019, GSI partnered with 151 Research to bring to market the GSI GrainViz.

A departure from the current technologies that use cable systems, the GrainViz system creates a three-dimensional map of the grain moisture. GSI says the technology is a similar to an MRI or CT scan as GrainViz provides moisture content of the entire grain mass which can be monitored and measured down to the individual bushel.

The system has a customer portal to view and manage the grain bins for proactive management including fan control, inventory reporting, and interactive management with outside weather. In addition to moisture, GrainViz can help farmers monitor insect or rodent activity (and human activity).

“We are excited about GSI’s partnership with 151 Research to deliver best-in-class solutions for agriculture. This partnership is part of our ongoing strategy to rethink the way grain is stored, conditioned, and moved, and will help our customers protect what they’ve worked so hard to produce,” Tom Welke, AGCO Senior Vice President, Global Grain and Protein said in a news release. “GrainViz fits well within that strategy alongside other recent GSI innovations like Z-Series Bins with Flexwave Technology and the Binrite Grain Identification System. GSI is delivering on AGCO’s mission of high tech solutions for farmers feeding the world.”

GSI is a division of AGCO.