High-Tech Dairies Milking Just Three Cows

Posted by Anna-Lisa Laca on Tue, 06/05/2018 - 19:17

Despite the fact that the average farmer only milks three cows, dairy is India’s No. 1 economic driver and an industry that is gaining new tech tools almost weekly.

The dairy industry in India is starved for new technology to help organize processing throughout the country. Although the average farmer has a small herd, the country is home to 75 million dairy farms who produce more milk than the EU, according to Quartz Media.

One new tool coming down the pipeline is Stellapps Technologies. According to AgFunderNews, the Indian IoT and data analysis stack for the dairy supply chain, has raised $14 million in Series B funding in a round led by IndusAge Partners alongside the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and two strategic corporate venture investors: Qualcomm Ventures and ABB Technology Ventures, the venture arm of the industrial technology company.

The new platform from Stellapps is intended to “optimize the entire dairy supply chain, including milk production, procurement, and cold chain logistics through the deployment of 26 different types of sensors, automation and machine learning,” AgFunderNews reports.

Stellapps’ SmartMoo platform is already being used on farms. Wearable devices collect data from cows and buffalos on the farms. At the milk collection points, sensors measure fat content and milk quality to fairly price the milk. These records are sent to the dairy processing company’s headquarters and to the farmer’s phone via SMS.

“Quantifying the quality of milk removes the guesswork and variability from pricing,” AgFunderNews says.


Stellapps was founded in 2011 by five technology industry veterans who believed that IoT could transform rural India. The company was originally incubated at IIT Madras and received seed funding from Omnivore in 2013.