Robotic Teat Dip Arms Cut Parlor Labor in Half

Posted by Jim Dickrell on Tue, 09/11/2018 - 15:16

If you can’t go to robotic milking all the way, consider going half way.

That’s the approach Dave, Dale and Randy Styer took on their 60-stall rotary parlor, installing robotic teat dipping arms to apply both pre- and post-dip in July 2017. The brothers, who milk 2,000 cows near Menomonie in northwest Wisconsin, were able to eliminate half their parlor labor.

Now, instead of four people in the parlor to pre-dip, wipe/dry, attach and post-dip, they need just two people per milking shift. (Note: They still employ to two cow pushers per shift to move cows to the parlor and clean stalls.)

As cows present themselves after stepping onto the rotary, the robotic teat dipping arm, a Teatwand 400 automatic teat sprayer manufactured by Onfarm Solutions, Ltd., from New Zealand, sprays 18 ml of a peroxide IBA pre-dip onto teats. 


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