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02 Apr, 2019 by Guest Author
DOT Technology Corp. and New Leader Manufacturing are proud to announce their collaboration on a state-of-the-art dry spreader for the DOT Power Platform. This agreement will advance autonomous agriculture by strengthening an already robust offering…
02 Apr, 2019 by Margy Eckelkamp
Ag Ventures Alliance (AgVA) and AgLaunch Initiative have recently signed an MOU to co-invest in new early-stage companies, as well as to create new opportunities for farmers to participate in the innovation value-chain. Pete Nelson, Executive…
02 Apr, 2019 by Rhonda Brooks
Wind took a big yield bite out of one of Mason Lantrip’s cornfields this past summer. When the insurance adjuster showed up to verify the claim, the two men enlisted help from Lantrip’s unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV or drone) to assess the extent of…
26 Mar, 2019 by Steve Cubbage
Maintaining the right equipment balance is harder than Goldilocks trying to figure out which chair she wants to sit in. Making such decisions are obviously first driven by the weather. What might seem like the right balance one year might be blown…
26 Mar, 2019 by Guest Author
By Jennifer Shike   University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) researchers are engineering new precision technology to help producers continuously monitor animals and use the data to ultimately improve animal well-being. The system processes 24/7 video…