AGCO’s New Planters Feature Precision-Planting Ready Toolbars

Posted by Margy Eckelkamp on Wed, 11/28/2018 - 21:16

Two years after AGCO officially acquired Precision Planting, the company introduces two planter toolbars for its White brand that are completely ready for Precision Planting technology. The new 9500VER (vacuum electric ready) and 9700VER toolbars are available in a range of row spacings and planter styles, but both are outfitted with the 9000 Series row unit excluding the drives, seed meters and various other components, so the toolbar can be completely customized by and for the farmer.

The Precision Planting add-on options include the Bullseye, WaveVision and SpeedTube seed tubes, vSet meter, vDrive electronic drive system, vDrive Insecticide meters, and DeltaForce hydraulic downforce.

And these planters can be fully integrated  withPrecision Planting 20|20 monitor and FieldView data collection and mapping.

The 9500VER is configured for narrow-row spacings: 23-row, 15-inch row spacing; 24-row, 20-inch row spacing and 24-row, 22-inch row spacing. The toolbar has a three-section frame, central fill seed delivery with two-tanks and a total of 90-bu capacity.

The 9700VER is a stack-fold, wide-row configuration: 12-row, with 30-inch, 36-inch, 38-inch or 40-inch row spacing and a 16-row with 30-inch row spacing. This toolbar also has a three-section frame and its stack folding wings are hydraulically folded.